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Stem cells heal heart attack scars, regrow healthy muscle


New hypothesis on vascular remodelling & diseases

Challenging existing theories on vascular remodelling and diseases, a paper by Tang et al describes how multipotent vascular stem cells contribute to vascular remodelling by differentiating into smooth muscle cells and chondrogenic cells.

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Newly published research into adult stem cells for cardiac regeneration

Recent work by Gepstein et al published in the European Heart Journal demonstrates the valuable potential of hiPSCs in cardiovascular regeneration.

The ability to source patient specific cells will avoid the use of allogenic grafts with their inherent rejection issues. In this case, dermal fibroblasts were reprogrammed using viral delivery of pluripotency factors and subsequently coaxed into differentiating to cardiomyocyte cells.

While this is an emerging field, this early work holds much promise and is great news for proponents of hiPSCs

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