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Carbon nanotubes and stem cell differentiation

Moon et al published a study in the International Journal of Nanomedicine providing evidence that carbon nanotubes improve stem cell differentiation in repair of damage due to stroke.
This in vivo study performed on stroke afflicted murines compared both hydophilic(HL) and hydrophobic(HP) carbon nanotubes impregnated with neural progenitor cells(NPC).

“Results showed that the HP CNT-SVZ NPC transplants improved rat behavior and reduced infarct cyst volume and infarct cyst area compared with the experimental control and the HL CNT-SVZ NPC and SVZ NPCs alone groups.”

Of Note: The findings are in favour of the positive effects of hydrophobic carbon nanotubes, both in terms of Nestin, a stemness biomarker, and proliferation around the site of injury.
“The majority of the transplanted HP CNT-SVZ NPCs collectively broadened around the ischemic injured region.”

We await further work in this area!

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